i M e d i c a l

Life in Practice just got a whole lot easier.

A simple tool to make General Practice easier

iMedical is an innovative resource platform that makes important and relevant information and documentation easily available to healthcare professionals and support staff in the primary care sector in Ireland.

Use iMedical to take control of your Practice today!

iMedical outlines a best practice approach whilst promoting and facilitating compliance and consistency in the operation of a General Practice business across several subject areas.

Manage your Practice and unleash its potential

Implementing iMedical in your Practice will empower your team to work more efficiently, effectively and safely in the provision of healthcare services.

Why use iMedical in your Practice?

Easy to Use

Your Practice staff can access information and documentation quickly and easily. We have designed iMedical for efficient use in a fast-paced Practice environment. Simply log into iMedical and leave it open in your browser throughout the day and consult iMedical as and when you need it. Useful policies & procedures, templates and checklists available at your fingertips. Easy!

Best Practice

iMedical outlines a best practice approach across several key areas within your Practice and the best means of implementation and follow up. iMedical will form the basis for your Practice to adopt a quality management system and manage ongoing compliance and performance. Depending on the subject area, Recommended Best Practice comprises ready-made policies for your Practice to adopt and implement such as the Staff Handbook in the Human Resources section, a Health & Safety Statement in the Health & Safety section and the Infection Prevention & Control Policy in the Infection Prevention & Control section. Compliance made easy!


iMedical is maintained and updated by us periodically so you can be sure of working with up-to-date information and documentation. The iMedical feedback section promotes feedback from all users of iMedical whereby we can understand what works well and what might work better - this means that your Practice will benefit from ongoing feedback we receive from our entire user base that we like and believe will be useful to all iMedical users.

Value for money

iMedical is made available on an annual subscription basis which means no prohibitive upfront costs. To ensure unbeatable value, we have made iMedical available at an extremely competitive price. We must be crazy!


iMedical is the perfect tool for providing structured inductions, staff training and consistency of process and operations in your Practice. Simply use iMedical as a reference point to induct, educate and train Practice staff across key practice areas which will ensure that all Practice staff sing from the same hymn sheet.

A new era for General Practice

GPs and their teams provide one of the most comprehensive, cost-effective, high-quality and widely respected generalist healthcare services in the world.

We know the health needs of our population are changing which coupled with advances in technology, enhanced regulation and compliance requirements, superior patient expectations and greater accountability makes for a new era in General Practice. Are you ready?

iMedical will provide you with the tools for you to develop and implement a culture of effective compliance and accountability in your Practice.

Explore iMedical Plans and Pricing

Our mission is simple: help you make your Practice more efficient, safe and successful. Right from the start, we make it easy to get up and running with iMedical.

iMedical is paid for on an annual subscription basis to avoid any prohibitive upfront costs.

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